My Little Pony Dreams

A swirling mist...

All a blur...

Just like a dream...

The Herd

Here are some of the ponies in my herd. It was very fun setting up the scenes for them! 

These are all my ponies except for most of the customs.


Next Goal: 90 ponies! 

 I got this Moonstone and all the other clip art on my website from Ivy's Free Pictures.


This is Rainbow Dash, a late B-day gift from my sister. The pink part of her mane is frizzy(!).


 This is Pinkie Pie, my second pony. Her pink hair has faded to white! I also de-tinselled her mane and part of her tail when I was rather ignorant. Oh well. =(


 This is Dainty Dove, my very first pony. She's my favorite G2 pony.


 This is Blossom, my first fakie. 


This is Sunny Daze, my favorite G3 pony. 


This is  Minty, and she is what I like to call a "custom custom" pony. She's a bit taller than normal ponies and is made of construction paper, a tube, and some pink yarn. Below her is Pinkie Pie.



 This Triple Treat, my favorite Ponyville pony. 


This is Periwinkle, another one of my favorite ponies. Her tail is cut a bit, and it looks like a dog found her. =(


This is Teapot and Rainy, both fakies. Rainy's hair is a frizzy nightmare! I customized Rainy and you can see below. I'm very pleased with the results.



This Kimono, my second "custom custom" pony. Her front legs are made of clay.


This is Butterscotch. My sister didn't want her so I adopted her.



 These are some more of my Ponyvilles. So cute . . .!


This is Firefly!  She is my third "custom custom" pony. You can find out how I made her on the Member's Only page.


This is Ali Bree Hay, my second custom pony, done in Alebrije style. Alebrije is a Oaxacan style of art that uses dots.