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The Pony Vault

The Pony Vault is a storehouse for My Little Pony info. Enjoy!

        Time line showing when each generation was released.

       1982-1992           1992-2002/2003        2002/2003-2010        2010-present

              G1                             G2                              G3                             G4

 1986-1987: MLP Tales                                   2008-2010: Core 7                      


Size Chart

G1                   G2                 G3           G4


The Truth About Alicorns

Unicorns with wings are often called 'alicorns'. This is completely fine, except I would like to reveal what a true alicorn is. It is the name of the horn of a unicorn, not a breed. Of course, none of this matters in the least, but I would like there to be awareness of what the word 'alicorn' really means.


More pictures coming soon!


 G1 Ponies


Cotton Candy

  The beginning. The birth. The G1 age holds all the most dearly loved ponies, memories, songs, and stories within it. The very first pony was called My Pretty Pony and resembled nothing like what the later ponies looked like. She was large and had coarse hair and a brown body with white hooves. Later on, the ponies became smaller and much more colorful. Some had freckles, others had rainbow hair, others had glitter symbols, some had turnable heads, some were babies, others were males with feathering, some had glittery transparent bodies, others had growable hair, some were seaponies and merponies, some could glow in the dark, and much, much more!

  Two TV series were also released: the My Little Pony TV Series and My Little Pony Tales. The former was all about the ponies, their human friend Megan and their strange adventures in Dream Valley, where they lived. The latter was all about seven girl ponies and three boy ponies who struggled through everyday problems.



 G2 Ponies


Dainty Dove

  Then G2 ponies trotted into the scene. Many of their playsets were Littlest Pet Shop buildings reused as pony sets. This, and the new look, are probably why G2's were, and still are, rather unpopular. Later, when Core 7 came out, the second generation was more appreciated. After being released in the U.S. for a while, the G2s began appearing abroad in Europe, where they were more popular. No movies or TV specials were made.

  G2's are thinner and more graceful looking than G1's. All of them have feathering and dome-shaped eyes with jewels in the centers. Babies and males were released along with the usual females.


 G3 Ponies


Sunny Daze

  In 2002 Hasbro released the third generation of ponies. They looked a lot more like the original ponies and people were getting excited about My Little Ponies again. Movies were made and lots more merchandise came out. Hundreds of G3 adults were being released. Although there were no males, there were plenty of babies to go around. There was also a new breed of ponies: Breezies, who were small, butterfly-like ponies who loved to work with flowers.


 Core 7 Ponies


           Sweetie Belle

  When 2008 came around, so did a sub-part of G3. These ponies are sometimes called Core 7 ponies or G3.5 ponies. Their odd look made them extremely unpopular, and during this time, G2 ponies got a bit more love.

  The only ponies released were the seven ponies, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Scootaloo, Cheerilee, Star Song, Toola Roola and Sweetie Belle. Collectors became bored and "armies" (collections of the same pony) of the seven ponies evolved. 


 G4 Ponies


Twilight Sparkle

  In 2010, a new TV series, called, 'Friendship is Magic' was released along with ponies with a whole new look. These ponies exploded with popularity! Even grown men, called 'bronies', are totally into them. The series is all about six girl ponies, all of them based off of G1 ponies, who learn about friendship. 

  The adult ponies are a lot smaller than any of the ponies from the previous generations. There are baby ponies, and, although the show has many male ponies, the only stallions that were released were the Blind Bag ponies until the wedding playset came out with Princess Cadance and full-size brush-able Prince Shining Armor.


 Mini Ponies

Triple Treat and Butterscotch

  Mini ponies are smaller than normal ponies. Some have brush-able hair and some have molded hair. There are Dolly Mix ponies (only in the U.K.), Ponyvilles (as shown here), blind bags and McDonald's ponies.


 Plush Ponies


  Plush ponies are bigger than regular ponies. Soft and squishy, these cuddly ponies are the perfect bedtime companions. Some are very large, while others are smaller.


 Cutie Marks                                    


           PInkie Pie

  Cutie Marks are little symbols on the ponies' flanks which indicate who they are. Most My Little Ponies have them. The cutie marks show the special talent of the pony or what she enjoys doing. For example, Pinkie Pie likes parties and her cutie mark is a bunch of balloons. In G4, all ponies are born without their cutie marks and must discover on their own what their special talent is in order to acquire it.


 Fashion Size Ponies

Fashion size Starsong and normal size Butterscotch

  Fashion size ponies are bigger than normal size ponies. They usually come with a variety of accessories that range from brushes, clips, necklaces, bracelets, and more. They have lots of hair to brush and style.




  Breezies are miniatures of the ponies, only they have antennae and wings. They live in a flowery garden called Breezie Blossom. Every year they go to Wisteria's annual Spring Promenade. They appear only in the third generation (G3).


 Flutter Ponies


  Flutter Ponies are from G1, and are thinner and more delicate than the normal ponies. They have butterfly-like wings and floral names. They live in Flutter Valley, which was almost destroyed in one TV episode. Their delicate wings break off easily.




  Dragons appear a lot in My Little Pony. In G1, one of the ponies' best friends was Spike, the baby dragon. In G3, Wisteria became princess of Ponyville because of a different dragon, also named Spike. In Core 7, the ponies' Christmas celebration was postponed because of a girl dragon who stole Twinkle Wish, the star for their tree.. And, in G4, Twilight Sparkle's friend is yet another dragon named Spike. In this generation, there are also full-grown dragons who pester the ponies frequently. Only the Spikes from G1and G4 were made into toys.


 Baby Ponies


         Scootaloo and Baby Nightsong

  Baby ponies appear in all the generations. They are all smaller than the adults. In G4, none of them have their cutie marks because ponies from this generation have to discover their special talent to earn them.




  Other toy companies started making what MLP collectors call "fakies". Some are cute, some are awful, and others are made from actual My Little Pony molds. My Little Pony unipegs/pegacorns/alicorns (unicorns with wings) existed only as fakies for a long time, until G4 came out with a few.

Tip: If you're new to creating customs, practice on fakies first!


 Sea Ponies


  Sea Ponies appear only in G1. Their bodies are weighted so they float easily in water.  They also came with a comb and a shell that can attach to the side of the bathtub. Baby sea ponies came with a comb and an inner tube.